6 interesting places to visit in Coimbatore

Famous for its museums and natural parks, Coimbatore is one of the most scenic cities in Southern India. Rich in culture and still preserving it amidst the modernization, the city gives importance to it’s people as it has many organizations that help them provide with employment and healthy lifestyle. If you stay in Chennai and want to escape from the daily routine then Coimbatore is the best place for you as it has many places for kids as well as adults. Just book your Chennai to Coimbatore flights and get ready to learn about a new culture. Here are some places you must visit while in Coimbatore.

1. Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum: Situated off Nanjundapuram street, antiques from the Old and New Stone Age are shown in this museum. The collections also incorporate stone instruments and colossal entombment urns from that time. The exhibition hall likewise houses ancient pieces exhumed from Boluvampatti (copper bangles, stone globules), Vellalur and Perur (coins, adornments and shell bangles). Another uncommon ancient rarity is the stone engraving from Udumalpet that lists the guidelines to be undertaken as per the orders of the king.

2. VOC Park and Zoo: The entertainment park has an aquarium and a little zoo, lodging varied types of amphibian and animals. It additionally has models of dinosaurs,, a toy train, golf swing and a animal safari. The recreation center is named after celebrated freedom fighter Chidambaram Pillai.

3. GD Naidu Museum: The museum has a fabulous collection of different gadgets and devices. It has an accumulation of innovations by Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu, who is likewise alluded as the Edison of India. This is an absolute must visit for all science history lovers. One can likewise see the historical backdrop of industrialization in Coimbatore. The museum is open 8 AM to 4.30 PM on all days with the exception of Sunday.

4. Grass Forest Museum: A historical center for forest ranger services, the museum was built in the year 1902 by the then conservator of forests, Horace Archibald Grass. It houses preserved examples of uncommon types of butterflies, birds, and animals. One can see development techniques, model houses, armours, and hunting hardwares. It is kept up by forest department.

5. Anamalai National Park: A safe haven for animals, the park is situated in the Anaimalai Hills of Valparai, Pollachi to Udumalpet taluks of Coimbatore District and Tiruppur District. The recreation center and the haven are listed by UNESCO as a major aspect of the Western Ghats World Heritage site. It has various types of creatures (counting 5 jeopardized species), 250 types of fowls and 315 types of butterflies.

6. Town Hall: A legacy building in Coimbatore city, worked in 1882 to pay tribute to Queen Victoria, with stone and lime mortar, Town Hall is presently part of the Coimbatore Corporation’s administrative buildings. It has more than 3000 sq feet developed territory, a high roof, framed shades for the windows and timber trusses secured with Mangalore tiles for the material.

Although the city is famous for it’s museums there is a lot you can do here as mentioned above. Just book your tickets on Chennai to Coimbatore flights in advance so as to save up on money.