Golden Triangle Tours
Golden triangle tours creates an imaginary triangle linking the capital city of Delhi the Taj Mahal renowned city Agra in Uttar Pradesh and the Pink city Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan as the epitome of places which witnesses the zenith of different cultures and dynasties over the centuries and the remains preserved and semi preserved are a source of inspiration even today. The national and international travelers gather a fair sense of the history of India and the modern essence as it prevails today. All the three places has magnificent architecture, forts palaces, cuisine, shopping folk dance, local craft gems and jewelry and beauty of the place.

Golden triangle tours packages can be booked online through the websites and once in Delhi the tour operators coordinate the entire tour. With more additional day night and budget the triangle tour can be combined with planning with Ranthambhore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur camel safari, Khajuraho, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Bharatpur sariska Amritsar etc with ease. The tour is undertaken by road train and even plane once the tourist time preference and budget is made available to the tour operator. All tour plans can be personalized. Bookings are done much in advance and hotel bookings are linked to it. The tour is patronized by foreign tourist and locals. Even though winter months see more tourists but the season goes fairly full in summers as well.

Golden Triangle is aptly named with three cities Delhi , Jaipur and Agra making it vertices. The three cities of antiquity significance have existed in spite of turbulences and upheavals faced through ruler conflicts of different nationalities. Each ruler left behind imprints in architecture, craft etc which remain till today. A visit to these cities give a fair idea what India was and what it is today. Friends travel services plans the outings in such a way that the whole journey appears like a story. There is flexibility in the package to accommodate places of interest that fall on route to the place.

The golden triangle tour fits like a glove in the itinerary of tourists. As real India resides in the rural India and a car trip package is best suited to couple, and small group. The tour is a passage through Delhi , Jaipur. & Agra the three cities give an idea of the evolution of Indian civilization through the ages. With proficient English speaking road savvy driver at the wheels it becomes a guided tour. Even at the time of Maharajas, and the British the region was explored through road links. The tour gets you accustomed with local culture the best way to see the India .