Stunning natural places to visit in Mahabaleshwar

Ask any college goer in Pune what is the perfect getaway during monsoons and he will tell you without any hesitation that it’s Mahabaleshwar. A perfect destination for an outing into the nature, the village has so much to offer to people that is visible with the amount of crowd you can find there at anytime of the year. Just book a Pune to Mahabaleshwar taxi and travel to have an awe-inspiring time close to the nature.

1. Tapola: Located at the joining of the streams of Koyna and Solshi. The most attention worthy place in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake, a 90 km long water body or we can say the repository of the Koyna dam. The Koyna Dam is one of the greatest in Maharashtra and the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the biggest finished hydroelectric plant of India. The lake offers kayaking, boating, water bike rides, and swimming. Wilderness treks from Tapola are exceptionally prominent with trekkers. There are numerous obscure forts in the thick woodland around the lake in Tapola like Vasota and Jaigad. Tapola is additionally the base town to the Vasota fortification celebrated for the strenuous wilderness trek.

2. Elphinstone Point: Founded  by Dr. Murray in 1830 the point has an old chateau in its region. The point got its name from the Mount Stuart Elphinstone, the then Governor of Bombay Presidency. The house now lies in remains and nearby powers are wanting to crush to erect an outing shed in its place for travelers. Elphinstone Point is one of the most noteworthy points in Mahabaleshwar which is overlooking the two valleys, with Koyna river on the left and Savitri river on the right side. The grandiose precipice summons an all encompassing perspective of the Koyna Valley, Pratapgarh Fort and adjacent fields.

3. Connaught Peak: Earlier known as Mt. Olympia, this crest was renamed as Connaught Peak after Duke of Connaught went to this spot in the year 1880. He was so stunned by the grand magnificence of this area that he renamed the crest and after that it got to be acclaimed as Connaught Peak. Duke of Connaught was cousin of British ruler fifth George. This crest offers delightful perspective of Venna Lake and Krishna Valley. This peak is likewise a vantage point for watching the Kamalgad, Rajgarh and Torana in the north and Ajinkyatara in the south.

4. Lodwick Point: Named to honor General Lodwick, who was the first British officer to get on the hill in April 1824. To respect General Lodwick's accomplishment, his son raised a commemoration place of around 25 ft. This point offers unmatched perspectives of the Pratapgad Fort and Elphinstone Point at a separation. Elephant's Head Point is the great end of the mountain range and lies past the Lodwick Point.

5. Bombay Point: Located just 3 km from the City Bus Stand, Sunset Point or Bombay Point is a standout amongst the most prominent perspectives of Mahabaleshwar. This is the spot from where individuals can see the glorious dusk over the valleys underneath at Mahabaleshwar. The spot has a substantial open space with a bandstand. It is a perfect spot for late evening excursion. Dusk point is the most swarmed point as a result of the way that one can't see anything at different perspectives at that time. Numerous activities like Horse riding, Choupati diversions are famous with the vacationers.

With so many amazing weekend Getaways from Mahabaleshwar, get ready to lose yourself in the nature and be assured that you will come back with a refreshed mind. Just book your Pune to Mahabaleshwar taxi in